A powerful thumper, messaging and TOXIC number forcing tool for magicians.

iTHUMP allows you to send vibrations and messages between iPads, iPhones and your Apple Watch

and it's paired device without the need for an internet connection.

Also includes Ian's version of TOXIC+ the classic number force using a smart phone calculator that has connectivity

to Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and can speak information to you via a mini Bluetooth earpiece.




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TOXIC+ is included and fully integrated.

This is ian's version of the classic TOXIC number force. It has been designed to address all the issues that can be experienced using the classic method.

TOXIC+ allows all input to be stored and peeked both stand-alone and connected to your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad and can also speak to you via a mini Bluetooth earpiece.

It can derive additional data like star signs, elements, Chinese zodiac, birth day of the week, number of day's since birth and city information from your spectator's input so that the method can be removed from the reveal.

The keypad can be cleared by the spectator and equals can be pressed at anytime without affecting the outcome.

No other method has these features:

  • It has multiple force selection so you can repeat the effect immediately with different numbers and different fields.

  • You can collect multiple birthdays during the same session.

  • It handles long numbers, decimals and numbers with leading zeros.

  • You can import your own graphics to make the keypad look exactly the way you need it to both portrait and horizontal. The app contains no third party graphics so does not infringe on anyone's intellectual property.

  • Fully integrated with iTHUMP interface so you can end the effect without even touching or looking at the calculator screen. No other method comes close.

  • You can set the force number remotely using iTHUMP while the iPhone is in your spectator's hand.

  • You can set up custom lists so the result of the calculation and all items selected can be relayed to you. This is a great way of calculating a page for a book test.

  • Designed to works on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS8 and up.

  • Speaks to you via a mini Bluetooth earpiece so you can be completely hands free.

    ...and much much more.


For Full Instructions for TOXIC+ and all it's features: Visit the TOXIC+ website.







iPhone and iPad Connection

What you need: Two Apple devices

e.g. Two iPhones, or an iPhone and an iPad or two iPads.

Turn on BlueTooth and connect each device to the same WiFi network if available. If there is no WiFi or if they are on different WiFi networks  then turn off the WiFi and just use Bluetooth. There is no need for an internet connection*.

Open the iTHUMP app on each device and it will automatically connect using Apple's Multipeer Connectivity. You will also be able to connect with other magicians who have iTHUMP on their phones, but only two devices at a time. (excluding your own Apple Watch)

The Multipeer connection status will be displayed on the top right of the screen. When connected the status indicator will change from red (not connected) to yellow (connecting) and then green (connected).

If the connection is interrupted it will attempt to reconnect automatically.

Note that the connection status indicator is only for the iPhone to iPhone connection and not for the iPhone to iWatch which is always connected.


*Internet connection is required if you want to lookup the city from the zip code or do the location or facebook force in TOXIC+




Transmit secret information

The idea of using a thumper is to transmit information secretly from an accomplice to you during magic performances.

You can place an iPad facing you at the front of the stage, put an iPhone in your pocket or between your belt and your body, place it in your close-up case or on your lap when seated at a table. Anywhere you can see the screen or feel the vibrations.

You can use a Bluetooth earpiece to hear the messages if looking at a device is not desireable.

It could be an inexpensive backup for your other electronic devices.

Sending Thumps (vibrations)

Press the "Thump/Send" button once for each thump. Make sure you leave a short gap between each press.

If you are sending multiple thumps, it will be more reliable to use one of the number keys 1-10 then Thump/Send. This method only sends a text message to the other device then device handles the vibration programmatically. The earpiece will speak the number sent as well.

By default the colours are preset and will "Thump" (vibrate 1-6) in Raindow order, though you can change the colour or order to suit your own preference: (Mnemonic: Roy G Bim)

  1. Red

  2. Orange

  3. Yellow

  4. Green

  5. Blue

  6. Black

You can customize the keypad to send any of these colours. (If you need to use other colours you could set up a custom message via the "MORE" button explained below.)

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • Cyan

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Magenta

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Red

  • White

  • Yellow

The Zenner Cards are preset to Thump (1-5) as follows:

  1. Circle - One Line

  2. Cross - Two Lines

  3. Waves - Three Lines

  4. Square - Four Lines

  5. Star - 5 points

Using the settings screen (click the + icon) in the tope right corner of iTHUMP to set the vibrations and change the key's to your own preference.




Sending Messages

Press any of the preset keys to create a message then press "Thump/Send".

  • Numbers: If you send any individual number between 1-10 the receiver will thump that many times.

  • Cards: Press the face value, then the suit then press "Thump/Send" e.g. tap the "Q" then the then Thump/Send for Q.

  • You can send multiple cards at one time by separating with the "&" or "Space" keys. e.g. Q & 10.

  • Colours: Press one of the colours then press Thump/Send. You can only send one colour at a time.

  • Zener Cards: Press one of the cards then press Thump/Send. You can only send one of the zener cards at a time.

One off Messages

If you click in the text box at the top of the screen the keyboard will be displayed so you can type any one off message.

To hide the keyboard, press the "Hide keyboard" button. This will only show when the keyboard is active.

Remote Adhoc (one off) force number to TOXIC+

If you want to remotely send a force number to TOXIC+, preface the force number with a "#" hash symbol. e,g, #12345678

For this to work, the connection between iTHUMP and TOXIC+ must be established. (Green light). There will be no feedback on the device running TOXIC+.




Custom Messages

If you click the "MORE" key the custom message list will be displayed. If you scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the "Add Item..." row, you will be able to enter your own items into the list.

These messages will be saved for future use.

To delete a row swipe left on the row then press "Delete".

To send one of these messages, click MORE, then tap the required message, then press "Thump/Send"

To hide the List click the "Hide Options" button.

Hiding the keypad (Blank Screen)

If using a device as a receiver only, you can hide the keypad by pressing the "Hide keypad" button so only the messages will appear on the screen of that device. The Assistant can then clear the screen if required by sending a blank "Thump".

To show the keypad again after hiding, click anywhere on the top 1/4 of the screen.

Stay on mode

You will want to make sure your iPhone or iPad do not turn off during your performance. (If only this was available for the Apple Watch)

In your iPhone or iPad settings:

  • Display & Brightness / Set Auto-Lock to "Never"




Toxic+ peek screens

If connected to another device running TOXIC+, iThump will display the information as it's entered into TOXIC+.

When the "=" equals key is pressed on TOXIC+ it will send the peek information to iThump and it will be automatically displayed.

If there is Trait information available you can left and right swipe to show the traits or back to the peek screen. If you tap the screen the peek will be hidden.

You can show the peek screen again after dismissing it, long press the "Thump/Send" button.






iThump Settings screen

You can modify the iThump screen using the iThump Settings Screen. To access the iThump Settings click on the "+" icon in the top right corner of the iThump screen.

You can change the keypad button values, colours & vibrations to suit your needs.


Reset Defaults

Resets all settings to their recommended state

Vibrations On

Will vibrate the iPhone or flash a white box on the iPad

Text to Speech

Will speak all received messages (except those from TOXIC+ at this stage. Maybe V2.1)

Hide peek screen on Clear

The peek screen will automatically be hidden when the clear button on TOXIC+ is pressed. If this switch is OFF, then you will need to tap the screen to dismiss the peek screen.

Font Sizes

Allows you to change the size of the fonts used in the iThump interface and peek screens

Custom List Modifier

The character to be used when requesting Custom List items from iThump. Be sure to use a character or multiple characters that do no appear in any of your list items.

Ad hoc Force Modifier

The character to be used when sending an Ad hoc force number to TOXIC+ interface from iThump. It needs to be set the same on each device.





iPhone and Apple Watch

What you need: An Apple Watch and it's paired iPhone.

The connection between the Apple Watch and it's Paired device is automatic when iThump is running on both devices. There is no "Status Indicator for this connection.

When the Apple Watch screen is turned on and the iThump or TOXIC+ screens are active you will be able to send or receive vibrations and messages between the Apple Watch and it's Paired device.

The Apple Watch has a battery saving restriction of only staying on for up to 70 seconds at a time. If the Apple Watch goes to sleep you will need to tap it's screen or quickly rotate your wrist (wrist raise) to reactivate it.

For optimal use set the following in your iPhone's Watch app:


  • Wrist Detection - ON

  • Wake Screen/Wake Screen on Wrist Raise - ON

  • On Tap / Wake for 70 Seconds

Sounds & Haptics

  • Silent Mode - ON

  • Haptic Strength - FULL









Custom Lists

You can enter up to 20 custom lists with no limit to the information. These lists can be accessed by sending a special code from iThump or as the result of a calculation from TOXIC+.

Five example lists have been pre-entered for you. Three menu pages, an example for a book test and an American Top40 song list.

Book Test.

You could have someone think of a page in the book and call out this page number, have your assistant enter a code to send you the first word (longer than 4 characters) on that page.

The special code for custom lists from iThump is : <list no>$<item no>

So for the first long word of the Harry Potter list on page 34 for example type: 4$34 then press "Thump/Send".